Is the IOMC a 1% Motorcycle Club?    
NO! And we never will be.

If you're not a 1% Motorcycle Club then what's up with the diamond 8?
We do not wear a 1% diamond.  It is a diamond with an 8 in it that is part of our center patch. It is not worn on our cut.  It is very prominently displayed on clothing and tattoos.  It has
been part of our club since day one.  It is to commemorate the Original 8 founders, nothing more. The first 8 guys who stood up for the founding principles and values that our club
has never changed. Now go to and see what a Mickey Mouse tattoo really means.

If you guys really follow the traditions of MC's from the 50's and 60's then why don't you follow the protocols of those MC's?
Because there were no protocols in the 50's and 60's.  In fact there were no protocols in the 70's.  All that stuff was invented in the 80's when the Coalition of Clubs and similar
organizations were invented.  We don't believe in surrendering our rights and liberties to belong to any organization or to be accepted, sanctioned, sponsored, or granted permission
by anyone.  We follow our own protocols by our own rules and traditions that really follow the original guidelines by the real pioneers of MC's.  Some of those original pioneers wear
our colors right now so they keep us on track with the true, old school traditions. In other words we do things our own way not anyone else's idea of how things should be done. No
offense to any other clubs who choose to comply to those protocols, they do what they believe to be best for their club and we support their right to do so.  We simply choose a
different path.  We are told that we must be very lonely out there by ourselves.  We like to be lonely.  We like taking long walks on the beach, watching the sunset, reading Milton's
Paradise Lost and contemplating life's little vicissitudes (How's that for some first class bullshit?). We don't worry about what's going on with other clubs. We mind our own business
and stay out of everyone else's business.  We have enough of our own drama to keep us smiling.  We'll believe COC organizations keep the peace between clubs when we see peace
between clubs.  Till then we'll continue being lonely and law abiding.  As far as what other clubs think of us................ well we really don't ponder much  about that.  I suppose Ray
Charles or Stevie Wonder can see that.  There is a website that can help you to understand why we are the way we are.  Please check it out at​ and if
you find you agree with these protocols and want to comply to them please get off our website before you get offended.  It is better that you find another club that follows those rules
and wants to be sheeple.  You will be much happier.
By the way, is there such thing as an internet Coalition of Clubs?  Seems like there needs to be because clubs don't handle their business like the old days, man to man.  Now it
appears they do it on Facebook and Topix.  We like the old school way of dealing with each other.

Should I believe what I read about you guys on internet blogs like Facebook and Topix?   
Only if you are a moron. But if you are a moron then you will be in good company with those other idiots on those sites.  There's a whole lot of useless crap for useless people to be
amused on those websites.  While you're on those sites take a hard look at the comments by those people. Kind of makes you proud to be a biker to know there are folks like that in
our midst, well not so much. We will never damage the good name and integrity of all MC's and bikers like those people do.  We have far more respect for all clubs and bikers than to
be part of that.

But what is up with those pictures on Facebook?
We never hide the fact that we are the hardest partying Mo Fo's on the planet.  We party like rock stars with no regard for what others think about our way of having a great time and
having fun.  Its been said we're like a huge fraternity on bikes and we're like the Lil Rascals with our tree houses spread across 50 states and 10 countries where we do whatever the
hell we want, whenever we want, with no care for social norms or fear of what others think.  And that goes for any norms.  We are world renowned for being off the charts with our
parties.  We make Animal House look like grade school.  We have PHD's in busting loose.
We never take ourselves too seriously.  Many celebrities have attended our parties just to see it with their own eyes because our reputation for mayhem is world wide. We had The
Guess Who, Three Dog Night, Hornit, and Bag Lady Sue play for us at our rally in 2014 and the warm up act were the Flaunt Girls from Full Throttle Saloon in Sturgis.  Our parties
and Rallies are epic and sometimes we go over the top and stupid things happen. If standing around gawking at people like vultures looking tough and acting like Billy Bad Ass Biker
is your idea of partying and having fun, then have at it.  We have no desire to bully or intimidate others so playing bad ass doesn't fit our lifestyle.  We're just old school, hard core,
good time bikers; who do good for our communities and fellow bikers.  Sometimes we drink too much beer and Tequila and we ride naked singing Freebird through our campsites at 3:
00am.  That's just how we roll.  No rules and no one telling us shit. The way it was when washing your clothes in a creek on the side of some lost byway was what you did on the road
and partying meant anything goes except drugs and illegal stuff. If you have some homophobic hang up or some dislike for our way of getting right with the Gods of Raising Hell then
go talk to your Priest, Rabbi or Shaman about your sick mind issues or get ahold of Dr. Phil so he can help you with your brain malfunctions and sexual fantasies. If you believe the
IOMC are some kind of gay club then you're in real need of psychiatric treatment.
Just please don't mistake the hard partying side of our lives as weakness and try to pick up the porcupine.  A porcupine minds his own business and bothers no one just like us.  Just
pick one up and see what happens.   
If you don't get that we don't care what other clubs or what keyboard commandos say about us then please drink a couple beers, down a box of Ex Lax, go for a ride and gladly shit
yourself.  You'll feel better.  And to think, there's even women spouting on those sites.  Those morons must be proud to let their women run their pie holes for them.  I know we're
proud for them.........yep, we're real proud for them.

What territories do you claim?  
NONE and Never will we claim territories.
We wear a rocker to tell others where we are from nothing more.

Why don't you guys honor "no fly zones"?
You must have us confused with some other organization.  We ride motorcycles.  We don't fly airplanes.

Is the Iron Order a Law Enforcement Motorcycle club?
NO, however we do have officers of the law spread throughout our club. We do not run as an LEMC. We run like an MC from the 50's and early 60's when motorcycle clubs were
clubs.  BTW, since when are law enforcement the bad guys?  Only criminals believe law enforcement to be the bad guys so if you want to socialize with criminals or if you are a
criminal don't come around us.  That's pretty simple.

I heard you're all cops, is that true?
No kidding?......... we hear that all the time too!!!  All clubs have cops in them we just happen to know who our's are.

Do you guys really call the cops like they say on Aging Rebel?
Holy cow, another one of them idiots has made his way to our frequently asked questions.  Let's see how that works.  1% clubs and their COC member clubs have a protocol they are
proud of that they don't call the cops.  They say they handle their own problems.  Hmmmmm, is that really true?  Check out the headlines.  The 1% clubs are always suing someone.  
They call the cops whenever their clubhouses are vandalized or broken into.  They call the cops whenever they are in an accident or their homes are violated.  They even call the
cops on each other.  We know because our brothers answer those calls.  The biggest pile of crap about 1%ers is when they call the cops on us.  Happens all the time.  It amazes us
every time because they say they never call the cops and low and behold the cops come because a 1%er called them.  We believe times are changing and 1%ers are changing,
sometimes for the good and sometimes for the bad.  But you asked if we call the cops.  The answer is in a question.  Why do you think the 1%ers don't want you to call the cops when
they do their dance about patches and territory?  Because they want to be free from any repercussions.  Yep, they want to be free to do whatever they want to including beating up
innocent grandparents who ride to the local bagel shop on Sunday with a patch on their back saying they are a member of the Old Farts Riding Club.  Then the thugs don't have to
worry about the consequences of breaking the law.  It has absolutely nothing to do with some half assed biker code, it has to do with being a bully that doesn't want to go to jail. Our
philosophy is simple.  You break the law you go to jail.  Let's say it again together, you break the law you go to jail.  There are plenty of places in the world right now with no law
enforcement.  If you want to live in one of those places where there are no cops or law enforcement then move there.  Ride around and be free to break the law.  I would love to see
you in Caracas or Managua or Kabul or Bogota on a Friday or Saturday night doing that crap.  

Do you allow drugs like marijuana?  
No and Hell NO!  No illegal drugs whatsoever!!  In fact no illegal anything!!!

What other Motorcycle Clubs are the IOMC affiliated with?  
The IOMC is not affiliated nor are we a support club to any other Motorcycle Club.  We respect all clubs and we have great relations with other clubs who accept our law abiding
values.   We support our own brothers and seem to be way too busy with our own events and activities to be involved with any other club or association. We have a club for sport bike
riders that is part of the IOMC that are our brothers, not supporters.  To those who are looking for some kind of conspiracy or secret alliance with other clubs, there is none. Now go
watch another Gangland DVD or change the channel and watch another Laughing Devils episode.  Then you'll learn what a real MC is and how a real brotherhood works. Now that's
funny right there, I don't care who you are.

What clubs are support clubs of the IOMC?
The very idea of support clubs violates our founding principles.  No club should ever be subservient to another club.  The IOMC has no support clubs and will never have any support
clubs.  A club that associates with us are welcomed as men and not sheeple.
How many members do you have?  
More than one and less than a million.

How many chapters do you have?
They are all listed on our National Website check them out on our chapters page and the International Chapters page.  When you count them up let me know cause I can't count.

Can women join the IOMC?
The IOMC is a very traditional motorcycle club that follows the same traditions set by motorcycle clubs in the 50's and early 60's.  Therefore we are a men's club.  However, we do
have a women's support group, the Iron Order Maidens.  You can check them out at their website link on our National Website Home Page.  Just click on their logo at the bottom of the

Are you bad asses?  
We all have asses, some bigger than others.  We are family men, we work hard, we play hard, we ride hard, and take care of our brothers.  No time for school yard games.

I hear you guys are not real bikers and are just wannabe posers, is that true?  
Go to our Brotherhood Gallery page and look at the pictures.  Check out the pictures of brothers from back in the day.  Do we really look like posers?  Oh, I see............the Screw-up
Fairy has struck again. You must be talking to another Keyboard Commando or one of them other cheap shot bloggers where the real posers are and they talk smack about
everyone.  Take two aspirns, get off the computer and go ride your bike.  It's a brain douche that usually clears out the cobwebs.  Trust me, I'm in pre-Med and have been for 18

I heard you guys are not a real MC, is that true?
It depends on who you ask.  We didn't know how to fill out the forms to get the certificates or maybe we had them and someone lost them or maybe we didn't know who to turn them in
to or maybe the dog peed on them, WTF..............we just never gave it any thought which is what we usually do with crap like that.  You ask if we are not a real MC?  We are a
motorcycle club to every definition and qualification.  If you mean are we involved in illegal activities that will put our members and club at risk then the answer is NO......... If you mean
do we disrespect the law and rights of others the answer is NO.........  If you mean do we let other clubs tell us what to do or how to run our club the answer is NO......... or if you are
asking us if we are part of the patch police that tell other clubs what they can wear and can not wear then the answer is NO  again...........But if you are asking if we're a real MC then
the answer is on our backs, read it.

If you guys are law abiding and have law enforcement in your club then why do you wear a three piece patch like an outlaw motorcycle club?
We abide by the same traditions of motorcycle clubs in the 1950's and 60's who were social outcasts and non conformists. Contrary to what many organizations and people say, there
was no COC or protocols in that period of time. During this time in MC history the clubs who wore a three piece patch were outside of normal society and free of the restrictions society
put on social customs.  They got along with each other and respected each other. They made their own rules and didn't impose them on others.  They developed their own code and
lived by it.  That means they partied their asses off and shocked the world with the new found freedom of being themselves which in turn caused them to band together in a very
special brotherhood.  Today the IOMC is a true outcast club with a very strong brotherhood since we are by ourselves. We mind our own business and do not get involved with other
clubs or the COC or similar organizations. We do not conform to the protocols that are illegal and infringe on the rights of others. We ask permission from no one and require no one
to ask us permission for what your rights are guaranteed by the laws of our great country and the countries of the world who accept our democratic values. We refuse to be dictated
to by anyone as to how we run our club. We are not welcome by many clubs because of our stand on many issues. We accept our position in the biker world of being our own
organization truly free of anyone's rules but our own.  We are independent and remain totally out of all other clubs and organization's business.  We make our own rules and code and
we live by it.  We follow the lead of those who paved the road for us in the 50's and early 60's.  For all these reasons we wear a three piece patch. If you are one of those self
appointed patch police and feel the need to point out to us that we have a three piece with an MC cube and you're offended or you want to pass on the threats of fear and intimidation
then please call 1-800-915-IOMC. Press one for English and leave a message.  Nothing will happen but you'll feel better about the whole thing.

To all LEMC's and LEO's, please quit with the duck jokes already.  We don't walk like a duck and we don't quack like duck so we're not a duck and we're not an OMG so quit with that
nonsense and we'll all be better off.

Why don't you guys just ask permission?
I will let one of our brother's messages to our brotherhood who sent this while serving in Afghanistan answer that question.  Read and learn what our freedom really costs and why we
will never surrender our rights, liberties and freedoms.  Our brother Tweek will come home to our brotherhood and never bow his head to anyone nor ask permission for anything.  
That is the IOMC way.  Many clubs talk that talk, we walk the walk.  If you can't accept why we don't ask permission, wear what we want, go where we want, do whatever we want and
open chapters without asking permission of anyone then we strongly suggest you get off this website immediately and go back to the Facebook hater's pages or Topix where
everyone talks tough and acts like King Kong on a keyboard with the rest of those muppets. Staying on this website and reading more about the IOMC will only infect you with
intelligent, free thinking of rightousness and that is not what sheeple do. Enough said.

Why do you guys wear a state rocker?
The founders of the club had to decide on the design of our colors.  We were in Louisville, Kentucky.  We asked if we should fly a city rocker and we were told that was claiming
territory which our club will never do.  We asked if we should fly a county rocker and we were told the same thing.  We asked if we should fly a region like Northern Kentucky and again
it was a screwy answer.  We got tired of the screwy answers.  It seems that everyone wants to tell a club what they can and cannot wear.  It made no sense to us.  Finally we asked for
a suggestion as to what we should fly and we were told "Brotherhood".  Well we don't live in the town of "Brotherhood".  We decided on the state rocker since we do not claim territory
and it made sense to us that the state would not designate a territory.  We're still looking for the "rule book" that outlines how you "earn" what your patch looks like.  If you come
accross it please send it to us but don't expect anything to change, none of us can read real well.

Is it true all I have to do is send in my money and you send me patches to start a new chapter?
Once again if you believe what the morons say on the internet good luck with that.  Be sure to include three box tops from your Cocoa Puffs.  Let us know how that works out for ya.

I heard you guys get no respect, is that true?
Depends on what you consider respect and from whom you believe respect should come.  It is true that there are many clubs who do not "respect" us if what you believe to be respect
is to accept and wish to associate with us.  Most of those clubs who do not associate with us are told by other clubs or organizations not to associate with us and that is what sheeple
do.  Sheeple do as they are told by others so they feel "safe" and that is what they consider to be respect.  We really do not care about respect from clubs who are not strong enough
to stand on their own two feet and run by their own rules that are law abiding.  It is not true when you consider the many clubs and communities who do "respect" and accept our law
abiding, independent way of rolling.  We spell "respect"    R-E-S-P-E-C-T.  We do not spell it F-E-A-R therefore we give respect to all clubs but we cannot fear any club.  Isn't that the
way life should be?  Respect All Fear None.  One thing we will never do, we will never compromise our freedom, liberty or rights to gain acceptance from anyone or any organization.
Wikipedia definition of Sheeple
Sheeple (a portmanteau of "sheep" and "people") is a term where people are likened to sheep, a herd animal.  The term is used to describe those who voluntarily acquiesce to a
suggestion without critical analysis or research.  They undermine their individuality and willingly give up their rights.
The important thing about the IOMC's perception of respect is that we do not ask for it.  We don't expect it.  We don't care much about it in regards to "earning" it according to the
rules and definitions of other clubs.  We earn it by being what we are and doing what we do.  Unfortunately there are those in the MC world who take exception to that.  We choose to
follow our own destiny by our own rules.  We enjoy our isolation from those who feel respect is only granted by a dominant person or organization for compliance to another
organization's rules and protocols.  We just don't care much about that.  It's just not part of our lives.

Why are you guys the most hated MC on the planet?

If you read this far you know the answer to that.  Because we do whatever we want, where ever we want, whenever we want, wear whatever we want and we do it to our own sheet of
music.  Our own rules, our own way.  We do it just like the original Wild Ones that started this whole life style.  Check it out for yourself and you decide.

Who are the Iron Rockets and why are they on your website?
The Iron Rockets MC is an affiliated  club to the IOMC.  They are our brothers from different mothers who ride different wheels.  The IRMC is the IOMC riding sport bikes and sharing
our founding principles.  They are our equal brothers.  Besides they got great looking ladies.  You ever see how they ride on the back of a sport bike?  That should answer that  

Who can join the Iron Order?
If you are male, 18 years of age, law abiding, have a cruiser style motorcycle more than 650cc not necessarily a Harley or American made, and a strong desire to do something good
for your community while at the same time helping build a true international brotherhood of like minded individuals....then you MIGHT be IOMC material.  However you need to
understand there is no easy road in the MC world. There are many clubs out there.  If you are looking to join the MC world to wear a patch to be accepted by other clubs and attend
their parties and events then check them out and see if you are a fit and join them. If you want to feel safe and feel comfortable being told what you can wear, where you can go and
who can be your brother because another organization or another club says that's the way it is because that is the "protocol" then do not come around us.  If you believe in what the
morons who post on sites like Aging Rebel, Facebook or Topix write about us then don't come around us.  Go to this website​ and read it so you can
understand what protocols are and what a dominant club is and how that all works so you are better informed as to what is best for you. Be sure to check out the MC life in all the
other clubs before you come to us because we are not like many other clubs.  There are many clubs who follow those rules and protocols that makes them feel safe and feel like they
get respect from other clubs that also choose to give up their freedom and rights.  Join one of those clubs, you will be much better off.  Take no offense from what you read or hear
about the IOMC's position on our rights if you belong to a club that follows those protocols because we accept and respect your decision and right to do so.  We do not claim to be
right for everyone and we definitely don't know all the answers because every time we turn around they change all the questions.  We encourage all clubs and men to find what works
best for them so please don't make the mistake of telling us to follow your path.  Joining us means you are joining a unique and tight brotherhood not involved with other clubs, not
willing to give up our freedom and rights and not allow anyone to tell us how to run our club.  We follow our own rules and our own code which follow the true, historical origins of MC's
and are outlined in the Constitution of the United States and other countries that accept our democratic values.  You must have iron balls and be a man of honor and integrity to join
us.  You must be willing to stand up for yourself and your brothers against all adversity and be faithful to our brotherhood.  Before you come to us make sure this is what you are
really looking for because you will be tested internally as well as externally because there is a never ending supply of patch police and sheeple who cannot accept an independent,
law abiding three piece patch club.  Freedom is not cheap nor is it the reward for the cowardly. We stand alone together as a united brotherhood with unquestioned loyalty to each
other.  This is not a social club or a Sunday riding club but then again our social events are world renowned for being off the charts.  When a man patches in to the IOMC there are no
strangers wearing our colors here, only brothers we have not yet met.  This is a truly independent brotherhood and joining is not a decision to be taken lightly.  If you are not a man
willing to do whatever it takes to be a part of a brotherhood that is law abiding and independent then we don't want you.  Our path is the toughest path for any motorcycle club and we
have great pride in staying the course no matter what.  But if you do choose to try and join us and you make it, then you are joining the elite, the chosen, the dedicated,  It might be
the hardest thing you ever do.  It will definitely be the hardest thing to stand up for but there is a good reason for that.  The tests weed out the weak.  This is an MC.  It is not make

Do I have to be a Probate or Prospect for the IOMC?  
Yes. We're all grown men. This isn't a schoolyard and we're no bullies. You will, however, earn our trust, respect, and the right to wear our patch. There is a hang around period when
you will learn about us and we will learn about you. There is a Probate or Prospect period (the name changes depending on what part of the world you are from).  We need to be
absolutely sure you weren't abducted by aliens and dropped off at the Flying J Truck Stop with those implants the Martians put in people's brains.  You will prove your desire to wear
our cut and your commitment to our values and brotherhood.  When you do earn your cut, hang on and hit the throttle hard because it's a hell of a ride with a hell of a brotherhood.  
One more thought on this question, anyone who writes or says patches are not earned in the IOMC is a liar.  Liar's can never be trusted to tell the truth about anything.

How do I find out more information?
Scour our website, go to all the chapter links and look at the other IOMC sites.  Find one near you and talk to them. If you see an IOMC brother out somewhere, introduce yourself and
go from there. Or you can do what those mutts on Facebook hater's pages yak about and send us a check and wait to see if we send you patces.  Keep on checking your mailbox.  
They may come with that Little Orphan Annie secret decoder ring you've been waiting for too.

I think you do too much explaining!  Real MC's don't explain anything.
There are questions so there are answers.  Besides, who cares what you think?